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52K, Shoulder Pain and $5

Kayak Training 20 Map

On the 26th of June I did my longest individual kayak training of 52km (32.33 miles). As I finished my training, I remembered my first time I went kayaking with Kouji about 10 months ago. It was only 5km but my body was beyond exhausted when I finished. I fell asleep in the back seat of his van as we returned to the kayak school. I also remember how impossible this dream seemed when I first started, but as the distance increased with every training, I could also see it becoming a possibility. With every blister, sharp pain in my hand or shoulder, and $5 spent on a shoulder massage, I was coming closer to 70 Kilometers. Just in case you were wondering, if you would like to say my shoulders hurt in Japanese its 肩が痛く (Kata ga Itaku)

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