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64K and a failed sea crossing

Kouji 64K training

On May 6th, Kouji and I did our longest kayak training of 64Kilometers and first attempt to cross the Seto-Nada Sea to Kyushu; however, about halfway into our trip we experienced very heavy headwinds. Forcing our way through the sea was exciting to say the least as the wind howled by our boat and the bow of the kayak dipped into oncoming waves. As the winds grew stronger and the waves higher, Kouji was also growing more concerned for our safety. With a few moments of hesitation he said that we had to turn around. If something were to happen or our kayak were to flip, it would be very hard to be rescued. It is in these times that I realize how important it is to have Kouji with me. My absolute lack of knowledge in regard to marine safety would have surely put me in some tight situations.

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