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77 Kilometer Kayak Training

On June 1st 2014, was the day we reached our goal of 70K but we continued to paddle and finished at 77k in about 12 hours. All the months of hard training, updating and translating the Japan to Korea website (thanks Koui, Satomi, and Rikeo), making expedition shirts (thanks Thijs), and calling sponsors, have lead to this. It was hard and my shoulders are definitely sore but it was done. We now know we have enough physical endurance to make it to Okinoshima, our first 70K stop on the expedition trail to Busan. — At the end of the day I really have to thank Kouji Hara, who believed in this dream and the reason this trip is happening. — Following your dreams may seem scary and even impossible but we owe it to ourselves to realize our potential and use our lives to create a positive change in the world. Here is our visual training log

Kouji 77K Night

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