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Damage to the Hull


So…its been about 9 hours since we started our kayaking trip from Green Park in southern Tsushima and we are now waiting to cross the shipping lane for Hitakatsu port. We decide to take a few minutes to call the Japanese Immigration Office to confirm our ability to get immigration stamps within the next few days while we wait for the squid boat traffic to calm down. We finish the call and once again start paddling with our destination only a few kilometers away. As we cross the neck of Hitakatsu port we approach an area for net fishing with about 60-70 buoys laid out in horizontal lines, we choose a small area between two buoys and push forward. As the front portion of our kayak passes between the buoys, I realize that because of the length of our kayak and angle of approach, we are going to strike one of the buoys. Just then I yell “Buoy” but it was too late, as the crunching sound of barnacles grinding into the fiberglass hull echos in the air. We do a quick check to make sure there are no holes and continue on to our destination. Once we arrive on the beach Koji pulls out the repair kit and he takes care the damage.


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