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Korea Here We Come…or Not

We were contacted by the person we had met on the beach a few days ago, The Lion Hearted, and he had told us that he talked to some people and we will be able enter Korea. As you can imagine I was insanely excited and literally could not believe our luck. After almost three weeks of waiting and months of emails, it was this man who was able to get us into Korea. As the day progresses and nightfall approaches Koji receives a call from the man and I was given the phone. I was informed that he was unaware that we were trying to enter via kayak and “a kayak is currently not able to enter Korea.” Those words echo in my head, stealing and hope I had of getting into Korea and making permanent the reality of our struggles to enter this country only 50kilometers away. As we continued the conversation, he said that maybe able to talk to his friends again but we would have to wait a few days. I tell him that we are going to try to cross the Tsushima strait on Sunday (in two days) because the weather looks good and we may not have another chance to try this crossing before we go home. We end the conversation and I go back to eating my ramen, which has now grown cold and less flavorful…

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