Jackson Kayak Sweet Cheeks Contour 100

We received some great kayak seats from Jackson Kayak called the Sweet Cheeks Contour 100. We used them during the sea kayaking expedition to South Korea. The need for some type of cushion stems from our expedition leader, Koji, experiencing pain during our longer 60-70 Kilometer paddles. When we started looking for a seat, he found an article in Kayak magazine that rated these seats as #1.

Okay…so here’s the skinny.

When you first receive these seats you may be surprised what initially feels like a bean bag can actually offer a solid highly customizable firm to semi firm seat. First, install the velcro on your seat, with the opposing side on the Sweet Cheeks. Before you get started and land your backside in the seat make sure you blow a few breaths into the seat and evenly distribute the small cushion balls, or beans, for lack of a better term. Lay the Sweet Cheeks on top of your old seat, make sure the nozzle is open and pop your golden hams down. You should hear air hissing out and its probably wise to give your backside a little wiggle to move the “beans” around and conform them to the shape of your backside. Following this, I actually suck a little air out to make it semi-firm. On the other hand, Koji does not like a firm or even semi-firm seat so he leaves some air in the seat. There in lies the benefit of the sweet cheeks, it can be customized to any person and moved from kayak to kayak and still maintain the ability to be formed to your behind. Check out this video we did on the Jackson Kayak Sweet Cheeks Contour 100.


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