Snap Dragon Ocean Tour EXP

Snap Dragon was awesome enough to provide us with a few spray skirts for the expedition. They gave us two Ocean Tour EXP spray skirts for the expedition, one Ocean Trek for my training paddles prior to the expedition and two cockpit covers. Besides these guys being really awesome they have some solid gear. When I first started planning our gear for the expedition, Koji, the expedition leader, requested Snap Dragon spray skirts. He has been using them for as long as he’s been kayaking, for over 20 years. He has a few himself and uses them when he does his tours.

Snap Dragon Spray Skirt

When we received them, we noticed the impeccable build quality of the skirts, especially the EXP with its extra reinforcement along the rim of the skirt. This means it has some serious holding power, as demonstrated in the video. We were also really happy with its water resistance. There was not one time during the Japan to Korea expedition that we were surprised by water coming through our spray skirts. Also, one thing these guys did was make sure the fit was great. We communicated with the awesome guys at snap dragon before getting them and confirmed our kayak type and cockpit size which resulted in a great experience. Check out the video



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