SteadiCam Smoothee

When I started training for this expedition I’ve taken to recording short update videos using my iPhone. One thing that is becoming evident is that I am either getting early onset Parkinsons Disease, or holding the iPhone steady is just really hard. I’ve searched some forums and watched YouTube videos about a solution and that when I came across the SteadiCam Smoothee. Initially i was looking at the curve because of its compact size but realizing that I would also like to use my iPhone, I had only one option, The SteadiCam Smoothee.

Overall I am very happy with this item and I’ve recorded almost every Japan to Korea expedition update video with it. Although it is bulky it has two points of adjustment, left-right and up-down. Something the SteadiCam Curve does not. Over the expedition is held up really well and even though it was stuffed in a dry bag with a ton of other gear it held up well. I recommend save your money and invest in this item. Check on Amazon to get a fairly cheap price. Check out my video for more info about the SteadiCam Smoothee and some of my bad jokes.


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